ATHRA Training update

ATHRA members are now invited to apply for the Steam Locomotive Driver and the Steam Locomotive Fireman’s, Diesel driver and fireman and Rail Motor Drivers Training courses – by Email to Steve Deveson, ATHRA National Training and Assessment Coordinator MOB.0407528197

The Training and Assessment Strategy documents and the learning pathways listed below  (and linked on our website: details the process

o    ATHRA Steam Driver Heritage railway

o    ATHRA Steam Fireman Heritage railway

o    ATHRA Diesel Driver Heritage Railway

o    ATHRA Rail Motor driver heritage railway

o    ATHRA Steam locomotive driver learning pathway

o    ATHRA Diesel driver learning pathway

o    ATHRA Rail Motor diver learning pathway

These are all summarised in the single ATHRA Training Matrix and Learning pathways document.

Recently the Victorian based Association of Tourist Railways (ATR) has merged into ATHRA and no longer exists.  Amongst its membership and functions transferred to ATHRA is the excellent ATR accreditation process which on a state wide basis ensured consistency in qualifications and competence for all operating staff, enabling mutual recognition of competencies between operators. This was unique to Victoria and now ATHRA have adopted it to work on a National basis.

The ATR administration and documentation associated with accreditation have now been adapted to the ATHRA training program. Documents initiating  applications by T&H operators for assessment of ATHRA training for individuals, and applications for individuals wanting to be assessors are now available.  ATHRA competency certificates are now available and being fully AQF based are recognised by the Office of the National Rail Regulator (ONRSR).   ATHRA have now appointed assessors in Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, Qld and SA  There is a charge to the Operator of $50 per assessment ($40 per reassessment).    ATHRA also now have a training records officer to manage all the documentation to ONRSR standards, including the competency records.

Negotiations with WorkSafe Australia are continuing with the aim of having the ATHRA steam driver and fireman competencies replace the need for BS, BA and ES high risk work licences (HRWL’s).  Our training and assessment documentation is being externally reviewed to ensure that it as good as or better than the current Worksafe material. Once the parties are satisfied that it is the case  it will then be a matter of Worksafe adopting the same AQF standards as ONRSR.