ONRSR Rail Safety Data reporting review

National rail safety data to be overhauled
(ARA Contact Emma Woods and ATHRA contact Vicki Ducrow)
Rail safety data is undergoing a national review. Industry has been unsatisfied with current rail safety data information and the data currently reported to ONRSR does not meet industry or ONRSR requirements. Recognising this, the ARA, industry, ONRSR and other key safety stakeholders are wiping the slate clean to establish a fresh list of rail safety data for collection nationally. This process aims to reduce the current reporting burden on industry and provides industry with the opportunity to table its rail safety data requirements. The overarching strategy has been approved by the ARA and ONRSR Boards and is available here. A working group is developing a list of rail safety data. This will be considered at the Safety Managers Group meeting in October.  ATHRA will be providing input to the working group via Vicki Ducrow (PBR Safety Manager)

The attached letter went out to all ATHRA state delegates calling for submissions – see ONRSR Data Strategy Letter 15.6.2018

If you still wish to make a submission then contact Vicki ASAP for more information.