T&H On Site Security Surveillance

The T&H sector has not been immune from the growing amount of damage, theft and vandalism in our community which seems to be getting worse not better.  The impact to us includes:

  • increasing cost from vandalism and graffiti
  • increasing losses due to theft
  • increasing insurance premiums
  • expensive commercial security systems that do not really focus on our requirements

Recent trials of a more expensive but less functional generic, building site security solution have demonstrated the real ability to massively reduce unauthorised site access.

There is a great opportunity for us to develop a solution we can share across the T&H sector.

In Victoria we have commenced developing a portable security system specifically designed for typical T&H railway site security.  Some of the features to be included are:

  • Stand alone portable solution
  • solar and battery power
  • Sensor activation
  • high intensity LED spot lights
  • High resolution daylight and infrared cameras
  • Support for facial recognition and number plate recognition technology
  • GPS unit tracking
  • local hard drive with SIM card for real time warning and image streaming
  • remote site video monitoring

This is primarily being developed by volunteers from a couple of local T&H railways – we are interested in hearing from :

  • ATHRA groups that wish to express an interest in the project as potential purchasers of one or more units
  • ATHRA groups or individuals that wish to participate in the project development to give the ATHRA member access to the equipment at a discounted / cost price

Please send your response via email to vic@athra.asn.au together with your contact details and someone from the project team will be in touch.