Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

The Association of Tourist and Heritage Railways Australia (ATHRA) is seeking talented volunteers to assist in meeting the needs of our members. The Position Descriptions shown on this page detail our requirements. As a volunteer organisation, we really appreciate any assistance suitably qualified and experienced volunteers can provide.

 ATHRA is the volunteer group providing national support and guidance to the heritage and tourist rail sector across Australia. In the highly regulated and increasingly competitive market within which heritage railways find themselves operating, it aims to provide effective support through its training and networking opportunities, and acts as an advocate to governments and regulators in the interests of its members. The board comprises members across Australia, who work remotely from home to the benefit of heritage rail, communicating regularly via email and telephone hook ups.

As part of its mission to better serve its members, the board is a number of volunteers to develop its current systems, and provide sensible, cost-effective options to continue improving reach and accessibility.

The ideal applicants will be able to work from their own location and using their own equipment. They will need to demonstrate experience in the relevant areas, be pro-active and able to work alone to meet deadlines. Although the workloads are variable, it is not anticipated to require a commitment of more than three hours per week for each position. It is a great opportunity for someone who has wanted to be involved in the heritage rail sector in a meaningful way, but not been able to provide hands-on help in the field.

Position Descriptions for Available Roles

If you feel you have the right skills for this job and are keen to help us keep the heritage wheels rolling, please contact the ATHRA Secretary using the button below.