ATHRA Insurance Data Collection for insurance scheme

ATHRA Insurance Data Collection for Group Master Policy and savings for ATHRA Members

For some time now, ATHRA has been striving to find better terms for for our members. The ATHRA Board is pleased to announce that Marsh have been appointed as our broker and tasked with providing solutions to not only get cheaper premiums but also to got to market to obtain better terms on our policies.

As you would all be more than aware, the cost of insuring our individual organisations activities is a significant cost in the conduct of our individual passions – the preservation of heritage rail.

An opportunity is available to realise the “strength of numbers” in participating in an ATHRA scheme towards which ATHRA has been working very hard.   ATHRA and Marsh have worked together to have a medium and long term solutions for the benefit of ATHRA members.

Liability Insurance for most of our members is the single largest item of expenditure. Having a Group Master Policy with a larger premium pool is far more attractive to an underwriter and reinsurer than several smaller policies which carries a much higher financial risk to them.

I respectfully request each of you to complete the form, and consider the needs of your organisations, and evaluate the potential savings of participating in an ATHRA group insurance scheme?  This data will not only assist us with obtaining terms for public liability insurance but it will also allow us to get competitive terms for Voluntary Worker’s Insurance and Director’s Insurance.

The first step is to gather data via the attached form out to your member groups for them to complete so we can get some competitive pricing for the Group Master Policy.

This is NOT a commitment for members to join the scheme at this stage.  This is simply to get information together so that we can go to market to obtain competitive terms.  Please return the forms to me via

Remember it is much more attractive (aka less risk) for insurer to take on $500M worth of policies rather than several $10K policies.  Thus the premium is lower. The strength is in numbers and members of ATHRA uniting will benefit everyone. This is just one benefit of being a member of ATHRA.

With a hardening market (this is where insurers are not taking on any risk that isn’t really main stream) and either groups can’t get insurance or they are finding their premiums are going through the roof.   Please see below link which provides further context to the state of the insurance market. Worth a share with the board and brocade membership group perhaps?

Also buyer be ware of syndicates.  Lloyds of London are cracking down on the syndicates that have been written  due to their high risk.

For details about the scheme and information about the insurance market, please encourage your members to join us on Tuesday 17th November at 8pm AEDT at our ATHRA General Members meeting where our broker will be giving a presentation and answer questions.

To join the meeting have members register via Zoom meeting

Click on this link to read the proposal from Marsh for the benefit of our members.

Remember strength is in numbers. Help your peak body help you.

Author: Paul Rollason – Vice Chairman and ATHRA Insurance Officer

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