Membership Fee Relief due to COVID-19 Impacts

Membership Fee Relief due to COVID-19 Impacts

The on-going restrictions to movement due to COVID-19 that are in effect around Australia are impacting ATHRA’s members with the result of reduced or zero income.  Whilst the modest Membership Fee of $200 should still be affordable for most groups, it is now clear that a reduction in fees for the current year would be beneficial for our members that are small community groups. 

The ATHRA Board invites any of our members that are in financial distress due to COVID-19 to write requesting relief from the 2020-21 Membership Fees.  Clearly, this offer is directed at the smaller voluntary groups that are solely dependent on their operations and their members for their income and not those groups that have access to government funding or COVID-19 relief packages.  Equally, this offer is open to those who have already paid for 2020-21 in the expectation that some sort of normality would have returned as well as those who are still to pay. 

If you are a group that would benefit from fee relief this year, please submit a request to the ATHRA Board via the Treasurer (  by 10th October.  Your request should briefly set out the impact COVID-19 is having on your group in terms of your ability to operate and the impact that it has had on your income. 

Reminder invoices will soon be sent to those members who are still to pay their Membership Fees for 2020-21.  If you are making a request for Membership Fee relief, you do not need to pay the invoice at this time.  All other groups with fees outstanding are asked to pay by 10th October

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