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Have a look at the latest from our National Regulator (ONRSR). Of particular note, check out the NEW SMS modules for T&H and smaller operators. ATHRA as part of its stakeholder engagement with ONRSR has provided feedback to ONRSR in regards to the need for further assistance with the development continual improovement of our SMS’s. ATHRA has been working with ONRSR to help develop these modules over the last 9 months. Thsi has been a huge task and ATHRA is very greatful to ONRSR for devoting the resources to develop these modules. ATHRA and their specialist working group will now further tease these documents out to further assist our members and get better consistency and formatting across all operators.

To access ONRSR and the modules go to

Paul Rollason – ATHRA Vice Chair and ONRSR Liaison.

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ONRSR Engauge

    Edition 18  –  May 2020   From the Regulator   Notwithstanding that ours is a vast country and that the rail network spans its length and breadth, the fact that there are more than 23,000 level crossings in Australia is pretty mind-boggling. It’s little wonder that translates into a significant safety risk and that, excluding suicide and trespass, incidents at level crossings are the primary source of injuries and fatalities among the general public.

Sadly, even though we are still to reach the halfway mark of 2020, we have already seen lives lost in multiple incidents at level crossings.   ONRSR is committed to doing everything in our power to address this risk, listing level crossing safety as an ongoing national priority, developing the ONRSR Level Crossings Policy and focusing heavily on enforcing the law as it relates to interface agreements. And we have seen some progress with incidents trending down in some level crossing related categories during the latter half of the last decade. 

But more can be done and so following the successful development of our regulatory portal, we’re now looking at adding a similar digital resource to our level crossing safety suite. On behalf of the National Level Crossing Safety Committee, the plan is to enable industry, governments, industry bodies such as TrackSafe and other stakeholders to access national level crossing safety and incident data that is tailored to their needs. In time the Level Crossing Reporting Portal should translate into a reduced safety risk and better-informed level crossing safety related investment decisions. Stay tuned for updates on the project in coming months.

Like any other safety risk, there is no silver bullet when addressing level crossing safety. It is imperative that operators continue to look at their levels of protection and work closely with road managers. The combination of that ongoing work in the field and the emerging power of big data can be very helpful in tackling these big issues.

Stay safe and well.

Sue McCarrey Chief Executive / National Rail Safety Regulator    

Safety Message:  Regulating during COVID-19 – Freight  

ONRSR has tailored its regulatory activities in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly as they relate to the increasingly important freight sector of the industry.   Read more    

NEWS:  Collaborative approach to track worker safety
ONRSR is joining forces with RISSB and the Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation to identify world standard safety technology for track workers.

REMINDER:  Launch of new SMS Modules
In response to feedback from Tourist and Heritage operators, and as part of broader stakeholder engagement, ONRSR has been working with the sector to roll out a number of initiatives to assist.   Read about the project Access the modules    

NEWS:  Consultation on draft Rail Safety Worker Guideline 
ONRSR is consulting with all accredited rail transport operators on the revised Rail Safety Worker Guideline. 

NEWS:  Withdrawal of documents and website updates
ONRSR has made a series of website updates covering existing material and the introduction of new pages to replace previously stand-alone documents.    More information and feedback Get a full rundown of the changes    


News: ONRSR’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
ONRSR is looking to minimise the risk of transmission wherever possible and focusing on its risk-based approach to rail safety regulation. Get more information and our latest fact sheet for operators.   Read more   ONRSR Engauge is ONRSR’s regular e-newsletter providing safety information and news to the rail industry. If you have any feedback for us, please provide it to us by email at    

Further information and feedback:   Email ONRSR

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