ONRSR – Risk Assessment Workshops for T&H

ATHRA identified with ONRSR that the T&H sector has a thirst for more training and resources in the areas of Safety improvement. As a result ONRSR has agreed to run a number of safety improvement workshops for the T&H sector.

This ATHRA initiative has now resulted in the first of these ONRSR road shows commencing around the country – this was a Qld trial in Feb . These workshops are focussed on risk assessment.

T&H groups from each State should by now have invitations from ONRSR to the other state workshops scheduled between May and July. These workshops are not only for risk or safety managers but aimed at all members so that they understand the processes behind good safety management so that the general member can appreciate what it takes to ensure the safety of their organisation and be a part of the safety culture.

The schedule is :

  • Western Australia – Perth – 11 May 2019
  • Victoria – Melbourne – 25 May 2019
  • Tasmania – Launceston – 26 May 2019
  • New South Wales – Sydney – 1 June 2019
  • South Australia – Adelaide – 15 June 2019

The first trial workshop was delivered in Queensland in February. An impressive 48 T&H members attended this workshop from all parts of Queensland. The morning started with an update from Julie Bullas and Janice McLachlan with an update on ONRSR activities. This was followed by an overview of the risk assessment process and discussions on what elements should be in a risk assessment register. This was followed by the splitting up the group into 6 smaller groups to risk assess 6 different scenarios ranging from operational to financial risks. Each group set about identifying the risks, likelihood, controls and the inherent risk for their groups. This was then presented in from of the entire group and discussions resulted around this.

The session was extremely well received and everyone in the room benefited regardless of their experience.

This was then followed by lunch which was supplied by ONRSR and the networking continued.

ONRSR is to be commended for their continual support of ATHRA and its members and the entire T&H sector. This partnership ensured openness and networking opportunities for the overall improvement in rail safety in the sector.

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